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بسم ٱللـه ٱلرحمـن ٱلرحيم The Most Merciful. Taught the Quran.

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Welcome to the Light of the Quran

None is worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is his slave and Messenger, peace be upon him. All Thanks and Praise be to Allah. In the name of Allah, The Most Kind, the Most Merciful. We love our students, and our students love us. We strive to be like the people that Allah has blessed. The Trutful, Doers of Good, and Witnesses. May Allah save us from the Fire and enter us into Paradise.

Brilliant Features

Thousands of organized Audios to remind you about the path to Paradise.

  • Simple Design

    Keeps you focussed on the Quran and away from distractions

  • NQ Radio

    Broadcasting Quranic Recitation and lectures 24 hours a day - Allah is Greater

  • Regular Updates

    Only Allah is Perfect. We are looking for ways to improve

  • Vast Variety

    Don't see the topic? Tell us, and our Admins will happily add it

  • World-Class Support

    24/7 Support. We are here to help you

  • Notifications

    Stay connected with us by allowing Notifications

How It Works

All you need is an iPhone or Android phone to get started

Why waste time? Stuck in traffic? Waiting for the Doctor? Use your time wisely by listening to NurulQuran.

Benefits Of App

  • Be automatically notified of new lectures and special events

  • Detailed explanation of the Quran in Urdu

  • Save Audios to phone in Android and listen to them when there is no internet connection

  • Highly organized Categories like Seerah, Dawrah e Quran, Tafheem u Sunnah, Islamic Months, Namaz e Nabi, Dua, and more

Additional Features

Peace and blessings be on Muhammad, the slave and Messenger of Allah. Don't wait until you get sad. Listen to the Quran before you get depressed.


Create custom playlists. Delete a playlist by doing a long tap.


Use the Search to quickly find the lecture to raise your faith


All the latest uploads in one screen

Fast Support

We ask for no reward. Our reward is from Allah. How can we help?

A closer Look Screenshots

For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the chests 22:46


Five Star Ratings

Hours Developing

Lectures Added

Video Tutorial

And Allah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight, and hearts that you might give thanks 16:78

Our App Family


Syed Adnan

Project Manager

Worked long hours to bring this app to reality by the permission of Allah


I. Asma

Quality Assurance

Tested the App and facilitated the meeting of deadlines by the Mercy of Allah


I. Khalid

Lead Designer

Creative designer of the logos and artwork. Praise and Thanks be to Allah


J. Jeewa

BackEnd Admin

Expert in AWS. In charge of the backend server. Allah is Greater

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+1-281-845-3314 or email " it @ " Jerikoveien 26, OSLO, NORWAY 1067